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The new Rainbow Warrior

Yesterday in Bremerhaven, Gremany Greenpeace launched the new Rainbow Warrior III.  She’s a purpose-built motor-assisted sailing yacht specifically designed for environmental campaigning. She’s one of the greenest ships afloat now – all materials, from the paintwork to the insulation, have been chosen with a view to sustainability, and each component has been supplied with transparent ethical sourcing. At full sail she can travel at 14 knots.

She’s a beautiful ship and it was great to be at the ceremony. I hope one day to be able to sail with her!

54 meters of mast!

Al Jazeera covers the launch:


Het Scheepvaartmuseum

Excited about the re-opening!

The glass roof of the inner courtyard. The self-supporting structure measures 34 by 34 metres and weighs 200,000 kg. The roof was designed by Luxembourg native Laurent Ney. His design was inspired by the compass lines on old sea charts. The pieces of glass all have different dimensions. Because the building has sunk somewhat over the years, the inner courtyard is no longer completely symmetrical. There are individually adjustable LED lights at all 868 intersection points of the steel frame.

Middle of the glass roof

History of Navigation Exhibit


Stained Glass and Reflection

Masts on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam

At the helm