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Texel, Netherlands

Signs at the Entrance of the Schipbreuk- en Juttersmuseum FloraTeso to TexelHeath & BiertjesTeso to TexelFlower fieldFlags
Heath in the DunesBike in the dunesPaal 17 on TexelWhitney on TexelGloves & FinsLife rings
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Texel, Netherlands, a set on Flickr.

Today we took a day trip to Texel, an island in the North of Holland. We took an 1 1/2 hour train, a 20 minute ferry, then cycled for 30 minutes to the dunes, had lunch on the beach and went to an interesting museum that boasts a collection of items that have washed on the shores of Texel in the past 70 years. Did you know the number one hazard to navigation at sea is rogue containers that have fallen from ships? They float just below the surface and they’re steal… bad to run into one, but you never know what you’ll find inside if one washes ashore!


Het Scheepvaartmuseum

Excited about the re-opening!

The glass roof of the inner courtyard. The self-supporting structure measures 34 by 34 metres and weighs 200,000 kg. The roof was designed by Luxembourg native Laurent Ney. His design was inspired by the compass lines on old sea charts. The pieces of glass all have different dimensions. Because the building has sunk somewhat over the years, the inner courtyard is no longer completely symmetrical. There are individually adjustable LED lights at all 868 intersection points of the steel frame.

Middle of the glass roof

History of Navigation Exhibit


Stained Glass and Reflection

Masts on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam

At the helm