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Ice from the North Pole

The Greenpeace’s icebreaker vessel, Arctic Sunrise, recently returned from a trip to the Arctic with scientists from the University of Cambridge’s Polar Ocean Physics Group who conducted research into the thickness and volume of the sea ice.

Some of this research included taking samples of ice that formed tens of thousands of years ago from deep beneath the North Pole. They brought some back and Heath and I got a piece. Check it out!

So what do you do with a big chunk of ice from the Arctic?

Make cocktails of course!


Het Scheepvaartmuseum

Excited about the re-opening!

The glass roof of the inner courtyard. The self-supporting structure measures 34 by 34 metres and weighs 200,000 kg. The roof was designed by Luxembourg native Laurent Ney. His design was inspired by the compass lines on old sea charts. The pieces of glass all have different dimensions. Because the building has sunk somewhat over the years, the inner courtyard is no longer completely symmetrical. There are individually adjustable LED lights at all 868 intersection points of the steel frame.

Middle of the glass roof

History of Navigation Exhibit


Stained Glass and Reflection

Masts on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam

At the helm

Molly face

Molly enjoying the warm sunshine while she still can!

Heath’s New Bike

What do you think?

A closer look…

Just Another Evening

Boats Underway

When it’s sunny out the waterways get busy and become entertaining for a lazy day on the balcony.

Some even dive ride in. Too cold for me!

Some of our neighbor’s houseboats.

Heath chillin’ out on our balcony

Full boat

The big boat on the right was carrying a band. Just cruising around playing music. These fellow boaters must have liked what they heard has they handed them some biertjes!

Spotted At The Flea Market

Pinocchio and Zwarte Piet? (and a little Gnome)