Thoughts and memories of living and traveling abroad

SAIL 2010

For two weeks we have watched our neighborhood transform for Sail 2010, the festival of tall ships. It only comes to Amsterdam every five years, so we’re lucky to not only to be here for it, but to be so close! In 2005 there were 1.8 million visitors and I have a feeling there will be more than that this year.

On Thursday, Heath and I watched the tall ships sail in. There are two bridges that connect the island we live on to the mainland. They removed two sections from one of the bridges so that the ships could sail through.

One of the ships came in with a “bang”.

Dancing on the masts.

We decided to ride on the scary ferris wheel, despite how windy it was.

Aerial view. And yes, we took our little boat out in this!

Tall ships.

Aerial view of the island we live on. Our building is just beyond the tall gray one.

Heritage boats.

Heath checking them out.

They’ve done this a couple times before.

The tallest one.

Not sure what the submarine was doing at the tall ships festival, but I like the name.

The Dutch Naval ship was huge.

The best part was the fireworks every night!


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