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Dry Suit Certification

Sorry I haven’t posted since December! Trying to get back into the swing of things. Lots has happened since then (Morrocco, Egypt, diving the Red Sea, Heath’s mom visiting, Pootie coming to live, Heath’s dad and his wife visiting, me visiting the States, moving into a new flat, various trips throughout the Netherlands, Heath on the Rainbow Warrior in the Med, etc.-  not in that order!)

Anyways, for Heath’s birthday, we decided to get our Dry Suit Certification. These people make it look fun at least!

We no longer live near the warm Florida Keys, so unless we travel far there isn’t much warm diving around here! In dry suit diving, you wear warm clothing underneath and like the name of it – the suit keeps you completely dry, so diving in cold water is possible. We studied all week, watched an ‘entertaining’ PADI DVD, quizzed each other and then went down to Vinkeveen to meet the instructor for the day.

Aerial of Vinkeveen:

We were definitely not the only divers there. The entire parking lot was full and orange dive buoys were bobbing all across the water surface. We did two open water dives which required us to complete certain skills for the certification. Diving in a dry suit was much different than a wet suit… and proved to be more challenging. One of the skills was how to recover if you have too much air in the legs of your suit (which then causes you to start floating to the surface – legs first!). The instructor filled our dry suit with air, spun us upside down… and let go! How do you get out of that before shooting to the surface? Simple – bring your knees into your chest then do a forward somersault until you’re upright, then vent the excess air from your exhaust valve. Needless to say, we were very exhausted at the end of the day.

But now, we’re both officially certified. Bring on the deep, cold depths!


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