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Well it was bound to happen.

Last night we had a few people over to help devour the vegetarian chili I made. One friend is staying with our friend Jess and he came to our house by tram. So in order to get back home with the others at one in the morning, Heath lent him his bike. Well… he didn’t lock the bike once he got to Jess’ and surprise, surprise… it wasn’t there this morning when Heath went to pick it up. There’s a saying here in Amsterdam: “If it’s not locked, it will be stolen.”

Ideally, you should have two locks for your bike. A fixed wheel lock on the back tire and then a chain lock that you put through your front tire, the body of your bike and, if you can find a spot, something solid to lock it to.

I say it was bound to happen because unfortunately, Heath only had one lock and most of the time he didn’t lock it. It was given to him for free so he figured no harm done. Perhaps we should take a trip to the “junkie bridge” and buy it back for €10.


bye bye


One response

  1. TONY

    I’m saying he got tired of riding the bike so he devised a very detailed plan to get rid of it. But, he does still have all his toes….

    September 15, 2009 at 2:17 am

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