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Ireland: Dublin

One of Heath’s childhood friends lives in Dublin. Heath had not spoken to him since he left Arkansas and one day he asked me to try and find him. Ah, the wonderful world of the internet! I found him on Facebook and they were able to reconnect. So Heath was excited to catch up with him and his wife in Dublin before they move to Hawaii. Before we met up with them, Heath and I decided to pamper ourselves and get hair cuts at the Aveda salon. It was a nice place, but nothing like the Aveda in Cape Coral! No, really! The Aveda salon was in a very busy shopping area in Dublin. After a yummy Italian lunch and hair cuts we decided to walk around and find a pub. Shouldn’t take too long here!



See the Budweiser sign?

See the Budweiser sign?

Heath intrigued by the... trash can?

Heath intrigued by the... trash can?

St. Stephen's Green

St. Stephen's Green



Found one! And of course the Guinness was flowing!

for strength

barrel o beer

so many choices

Heath really enjoyed his!


I however, enjoyed the live music. Click here to hear them sing about the Jumbo Breakfast Roll, a traditional Irish hangover cure!

This big pole is called The Spire of Dublin. Hmm. 


Old friends reunite! This is Heath with Gerry and his wife, Christina Voytko. Gerry and Heath grew up on the air force base together… and from the stories I heard, got into a lot of trouble together too!


One last Guinness in the beer garden before bed! 


Tomorrow we hang at the hotel and explore Dun Laoghaire!


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