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Sorry boys, no naughty pics here…

So our good intentions finally came to fruition…

Last week we completed our itinerary of vegetarian restaurant in the Jordaan and then the candlelight canal cruise. We decided on the Vliegende Schotel. Heath had the blanched broccoli with creamy cheese sauce and I had the goulash of seitan. Both were very good! We also had the organic beer. That too was surprisingly tasty.


It was a quiet and cozy place. And once again we were reminded of the fact that we’re not in America with a sign (in English) that said “This is not FAST food”. We would definitely revisit! (As long as we weren’t in a hurry that is)


So off to the canal cruise. We had quite a walk so we were truckin’ it. However… we had enough time to snap a quick photo…

Whit Graffiti

We got to Holland International right across from Centraal Station just in time. We boarded and had a seat. Right away I knew we were going to have a fun time… 

Each table had an assortment of cheese, olives, nuts, toast crackers and two bottles of wine. Right on.




inside the lair


hungry manHeath enjoying the tasty treats… we haven’t even left yet!

It wasn’t the greatest opportunity to snap too many photos because of the reflection on the glass, but here are some…

skinny bridge

The Skinny Bridge

Amstel Hotel

The Amstel Hotel

Opened in 1867. Has a full health and fitness club, olympic-sized swimming pool, restaurants and bars…

Oh, and rooms start at the low price of €500 a night. 

Amstel Hotel 2

Along the tour we also saw the narrowest house in Amsterdam at Singel 7. It’s just a meter (3 1/2 feet) wide, barely wider than the front door. However, I read that it’s a cheat. Only the front facade is really so narrow; behind that, it broadens out to more normal proportions. The real narrowest house is at Oude Hoogstraat 22, between the Dam and Nieuwmarkt. It has a typical Amsterdam bell gable and is 2m (6 1/2 feet) wide and 6m (20 ft.) deep. (Sorry don’t have any pics. Guess you’ll have to come see for yourself!)


So the boat is long and narrow but so are the canals. Navigating around was quite interesting. We only bumped into the wall under the bridges twice…

We then went through the Red Light District. Not the main street…so sorry boys, no naughty pics here…

Red Lights

Ahh, the red lights. Too far away and dark to see the girls. Besides, you’re not supposed to take their photos. I heard the body guards will throw your camera in the canal if they catch you. Not willing to take the risk.

sexy time


The Bulldog is probably the most popular, touristy coffeeshop in town. There’s several just in the Red Light District. They’re everywhere. 

who wants chinese?

Big Chinese restaurant on the water (need to go here)

cool building lights

This city wastes a lot of electricity…but at least it looks cool. 

Finding NEMO

NEMO Science Center. Haven’t been but we’re planning on it. This is right by where the Greenpeace ships are docked. 

And what walk, tram ride or canal cruise wouldn’t be complete without seeing some bikes?

Check out this bike parking lot under a bridge…

bike parking only

Not bad for €27.50 each, huh? Can’t wait to take you on it when you come visit us!!!


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