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And we proceeded to stuff our faces

Well we had good intentions…

Heath and I decided we would do the Candlelight canal boat cruise last night.


 I made reservations and we decided to meet at 6pm at Station Lelylaan  where the 17 tram stops. On the day cruise we passed the Jordaan and it  sounded like such a  fun neighborhood that I told Heath we should live  there! So I picked out a couple vegetarian restaurants in the Jordaan (with  the help of my dad) that we could try  before the 8pm boat departure. Well if  there’s one thing that I should have learned by now is that this isn’t the  land of fast food.Or fast anything for that matter…

 As I was finishing my Skype session with my dad and trying to get ready for  the first time that day (hey, I’m in a hotel in Amsterdam, I’m still on  “vacation”!), I got a  call from Heath saying he had to help someone load antennas in their car and he would be at Leylaan at 6:15pm. Good – that gives me more time! As soon as I’m  dressed (with four layers) I walk towards to the Hoekenes Tram 17 stop.  However…I check my pockets and I have about €2 in change and a €20 bill. Hmm. How  much was it again to Leylann? I call Heath. No answer. I see a tram approaching. I text Heath. No response. Those antennas must be heavy. The tram was doing  some sort of test run… no one on and it didn’t stop. Well you learn your lesson the first time…don’t give the tram person anything more than a €10. Heath tried with a €50 on his way to work one morning and got kicked off. Oops! Luckily there is an Albert Heijn right around the corner! Now what can I buy? Of course…stroopwafels!


Great, now I have enough money for the tram (and a sweet snack) and the next stop happens to be right across the street. Waiting…waiting…here comes the 17…slowing down….and…speeding back up. Hmm. Tick tock, tick tock. More people gather around. Here comes another one….and there it goes. What’s going on here? Heath calls. “You almost here?” “Well…no”. Luckily the next tram stops! Woo hoo. And boy is it packed! I get to Station Lelylaan and squeeze my way out. There’s Heath!

 Oh right…we need to get back on the 17 to get to Jordaan. We try to squeeze our way back in and sorry!  Too full. The doors close. Well good thing the next one is right behind it. We hop on and I tell the tram  person where we are going. “Huh?” she says. “Hold on.” I wait patiently as everyone flashes her with pre-paid cards and tickets and the tram starts to go. “Marnixstraat,” I tell her. “Surinameplein?” “No…Marnixstraat. Do you have a list? I will show you.” Hmm. Not there. I could have sworn… “No, you need to take the 17.” “Oh…which one am I on?” “The one”. HA….Heath and I get off at the next stop to wait for a 17.

Oh great, it’s the first one. We walk up to the door…push the button to open the door and there goes the train. What the heck?? By the time a proper train comes, and actually let’s us on, we start the discussion of whether or not we’re going to make the canal boat. We decide to scratch the restaurant in the Jordaan and get something on the way. As we approach the Dam stop we see our cafe of choice, Panorama. Can’t go wrong there!


 As we wait to be acknowledged we realize that we’re not going to be able to get to the boat in 30  minutes (considering we have to be there 20 minutes early) I call and  change the reservation to the next night. Now I can relax. We get a 1/2 liter of wine and a pasta dish each.



We even had a little visitor…

Panorama Cat 1                  Panorama Cat 2

Now what? It’s well after 8pm. We decided to walk to Dam Square and find dessert. The walk is beautiful…and not so cold with four layers on. Some canals throughout the city are lit up! 

Canal Bridge 1               Canal Bridge 2

A quick stop for a shot at the wig/mask store…

Wig store

We walked through the middle of Dam Square and it’s just beautiful!

Dam Square 1  Dam Square Heath  Dam Square Whitney

Madame Tussauds

Dam Square 2  

Best bike guard!   Dam Square 4  

 Dam Square 6 

World War II National Monument  Dam Square 5

Quest for dessert… Dam   

Found one!Rene's

And we proceeded to stuff our faces…    Dessert

Topped off with hot chocolate of course!   Hot Chocolate

Time to go home with belly aches. We didn’t make it to the Candlelight Cruise but we have plenty of time! Turned out to be a great evening. 

xoxo from the Dam!


One response

  1. Allyn Black

    Good stuff Whit. The sights of the Dam are always awe inspiring.

    March 12, 2009 at 3:06 pm

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